Moffat to Peebles – Day 0

I’d been unable to join the first two MoffPeeblerz expeditions but had enjoyed reading tales of great derring do in the snow, and I had learned a lot about the internal workings of the human hand and what to include in a first aid kit.  So I was very much looking forward to attending this trip at the third attempt.

The drive up to Peebles was pleasant enough and I took the opportunity to call into Pete Bland, in Kendal, to buy some Inov-8 Terroc 330s.  I’ve had two pairs of Roclite 315 and a pair of Roclite 390 but I fancied a change and Terrocs looked like they’ll give my toes a little more space.

When I arrived at the Rosetta campsite, I called in at reception and said that I had a pitch booked.  There then followed a very strange conversation with both members of staff sucking their teeth and assuring me that all members of the Pieman’s party had already arrived and there was absolutely no way I already had a booking.  I suggested that maybe I could just book in now, but that was impossible as they wouldn’t know which plot to put me on.  What if the rest of the party was on the bowling green and I ended up on the top field?  Chaos would ensue.  Eventually I convinced them that the best thing to do was for me to go and find where the others where camped then come back and pay.  They gave me a very precisely marked map showing me where the others where supposed to be ….. so I was not surprised to find them all somewhere else!

Mike, Laura, Louise and Alan had already pitched their tents and were now standing round waiting for the campsite bar to open.  Once I’d pitched my tent, and we’d established that the bar didn’t serve food until next week (which seemed a little long to wait) we walked into town to The Bridge Inn which also didn’t serve food but did serve beer.

After some light refreshment we nipped next door for a pizza and a glass of wine, then back to The Bridge for more beer (or water for the more sensible members of the group.  I’ll learn one day).

Back at the campsite, I slept soundly until dawn when the effects of too much pizza woke me up.  Well, I assume it was the pizza.  Pizza makes you dehydrated, doesn’t it?

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