Moffat to Peebles – Day 1

I woke up early needing a drink of water.  I felt quite groggy and decided, as it was almost 7am and we’d probably all be getting up before 8, that I’d get up, have a drink and go for a shower.  After my shower, I went back to the tent and waited for the others to wake up.  They were a lazy bunch though and were still snoring.  I lay around wondering if I had enough time to have another nap.  Then, I looked again at my watch and realised it was still only quarter to seven; I must have misread my watch and got up before six o’clock.  Doh! No wonder I felt groggy!  So I went back to bed.

We had decided that it would be easier to have breakfast in Moffat, as that is where we were starting our walk, so we travelled South in two cars with the instruction “If you get lost, meet us by the ****ing big sheep”.  Once we’d had our fill at the Rumblin Tum, and faffed with kit for a while we set off in a South-Easterly direction.  Er….isn’t Peebles North of Moffat?  Not to worry, I’m sure one of us must know which way we’re going.  It turned out that Mike and Alan did know the route, so I just followed like a Moffat sheep (but not as big).

We had perfect weather for walking.  For most of the day I wore my Paramo smock with vents open and sleeves rolled up, but I could probably have taken it off.  I kept my feet dry until about an hour before we camped and I was neither too cold nor too hot all day.  My pack was comfortable and I was carrying nearly a full TGO Challenge load; only the maps were missing.

The original plan had been to camp at Ettrick Head but, in order to shorten Day 3, we pushed on another couple of miles and camped at the foot of Bodesbeck Law.  The weather had got a little cooler (I now had my hood up) and I was starting to feel tired.  The place that we’d hoped would be a good campsite wasn’t ideal when we got there, but Alan found a flat area a couple of hundred yards away and we all squeezed in amongst the tussocks.  There was no water immediately obvious so Mike went off and found some about a quarter of a mile away.  Once I’d put my tent up, I walked down the track and filled my pan, mug and Platypus then struggled back trying not to spill any.  I pretended not to be bothered that the others had now found another stream only 100 yards away!

I don’t think I was the only one who was quite tired and I reckon we were all asleep by 9pm.

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3 Responses to Moffat to Peebles – Day 1

  1. mike knipe says:

    Welcome to blogland – you’ll never do a walk in quite the same way ever again.
    Thats a very nice pis of that huge corrie.
    Looking forward to your TGO account – If I can offer a tip – be careful not to drop the camera in the water as it spoils it for pictures, and a blog without pictures is like a thousand.. no that doesn’t work does it….??


    • Judith says:

      Thanks for the welcome, Mike. Already I am looking at my photos with a very critical eye and wishing I had taken some that would look good in the blog. Thanks for the camera+water tip, too. I think I shall invest in a new waterproof case (ie freezer bag).


  2. Phil says:

    You are now on the Doodlecat blogroll. Happy blogging 🙂


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