Day 5 Monadliath

After having altered my route to visit Ault na Goire, I now rejigged it again to get back on track.
Went via Drumnaglass (last time before the turbines?) then, after a few km of track, tramped over quite a lot of peat hags. Weather was challenging but could have been worse.
Tried to find a sheltered pitch but rigged extra guys to be sure. Wind dropped a bit in the night though.

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2 Responses to Day 5 Monadliath

  1. Phil Cook says:

    Ere! I thought you didn’t get on with your laser. I was watching the inner of mine get into close-contact with the outer when it was howling a bit of a hoolie at Lochan Fada and came to the conclusion that you could undo one of the toggles that fasten the inner to the outer opposite the door to get it to hang away from the outer a bit more.


  2. Judith says:

    Thanks for the tip. I am getting used to the Laser Comp but I will never love it like my Akto. With a few mods it’s not too bad though. 500g lighter!


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