Day 10 Glen Muick to Ballater

The rain was lashing down when I woke up so I put off packing up for as long as I could. Stevie lit the bothy fire and I tried to drip-dry the tent inside the bothy. Eventually I set off along Loch Muick with the thought of a cuppa at the Spittal of Glenmuick visitor centre. The wind and rain were horrendous so the vending machine soup was welcome.
I put aside any thoughts of ‘a nice walk’ and took the direct route on the road up the glen to Ballater.
After a pub lunch and a chat with Byron [who I had met in a pub in Cannich], I checked into the Habitat hostel which is as posh as people had told me. Surely it won’t rain again tomorrow?

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3 Responses to Day 10 Glen Muick to Ballater

  1. Amanda J Smith says:

    Morning matey, Hope the rain stays off today – bright blue sky back here in Birkenhead, you should have stayed and walked around sunny Hamilton Square a few times! The photos look fab. Enjoy the rest of your walk. See ya soon. x


  2. Judith says:

    Don’t tell anyone but it isn’t raining. I have even taken off my waterproofs! A group of us have just called into a pub for morning tea; very civilised.


  3. Alan says:

    Should give the web feet a chance to dry out then.
    I can see your socks hanging on the fireplace.


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