Day 13 Portlethen Village

Minor roads and farm tracks saw me at Portlethen Village by 11am. I had printed off a streetmap of the small village but would have found the cove easily enough without it. The waves were crashing onto the rocks and the visibility was poor out to sea.

After an east coast paddle, I climbed the steps back to The Neuk pub and was disappointed to find it still not open, but chips and pop in the main town were a good substitute for beer. (There’s plenty of time for that later.)
Montrose campsite is its usual post- Challenge muddle of Aktos and Comps. Henry Shires seems to have a good showing too.
Well, that’s my 5th Challenge under my belt; only the post-walk analysis to do now and that will continue in the Park tonight.

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2 Responses to Day 13 Portlethen Village

  1. Theo says:

    Your fifth Challenge allready ? That makes you half-a-legend 🙂


    • Judith says:

      Yes, half way there ….. although John Manning said he’s going to restart everyone’s count from 0, so everyone will be a first-timer again next year!


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