TGOC2011 – Day 3 – Cannich

I knew that today was going to contain some navigational challenges.  I was going to head South to the River Cannich and, despite advice from Scottish Hill Tracks (260) and my Vetter, I knew that there would be plenty of opportunity for getting lost or, rather, for finding my own way rather than following a track or path.  It was impossible to follow any path on the ground as every sheep trod was now a fast-flowing stream.  Eventually I gave up trying to find my intended navigational markers (gated deer fence?  Nope) and just headed South, reading the terrain on the way rather than trying to stick to any sort of plan.

Today’s emotional high-point was when I tried to traverse a gritty land-slip, slid half-way down the hill on my backside and then could go neither up, down or sideways.  Luckily, I was not hurt and managed to slide down to the river which I walked along (or in) until I could climb back up to the path.  Next time I found a land-slip, I deliberately walked along the river; see, I do learn my lessons!

It must have been around a 5 or 6 mile walk along the road to Cannich, which could have been hard on the feet, but it was actually a lot easier than the earlier part of the day trudging over pathless bog down steep hills.

Whilst walking along the road, I decided that I would find a hotel or B&B at Cannich.  Nevermind the expense, I needed somewhere warm and dry to sleep.  However, when the rain stopped and after I’d eaten a huge pizza and spoken to a Challenger who recommended the campsite, I changed my mind and camped.  (This Challenger was also good enough to come running after me, after I’d left the pub, and tell me I was walking in completely the wrong direction!  Thanks Byron).

There were a few Challengers at the campsite and I think they’d all started from Torridon, so after three days I’d made up for my late start.  I shared a tumble drier with one of them and it was lovely to have a warm shower and clean dry clothes.  It’s the little things that make the difference.

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