TGOC2011 – Day 5 – Monadliath

As I was no longer on my planned route, I had the choice of trying to get back on track or going somewhere new.  The breakfast table discussion convinced me that I should ignore my plan as it would just add extra mileage and I would end up in the same place eventually.  I walked with Colin until just past Drumnaglass then followed tracks (real and imaginary) to the Findhorn.

This was a cracking day.  The weather was quite vicious at times; huge gusts of cold, biting wind, persistant rain, sleet and even the odd bit of sunshine.   Most of the time I walked on a compass bearing.  There were quite a few quad-bike tracks but there was no way of knowing where they were heading, so I just headed South-East-ish.

I thought I saw Colin pitching his tent amongst the trees near the bridge where Allt Calder meets the Findhorn, but I walked a little further and camped about 1km short of Coignafearn Old Lodge.  The wind was horrendous, so I found a pitch in the lee of some large rocks and added some extra guy-ropes to my Laser Competition.  I fully expected to be up in the night, but the wind seemed to drop a little and the extra guying made a difference.


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