TGOC2011 – Day 12 – Banchory and Inch of Culter

In the morning, Potarch was just a short wander down the road and, although the pub wasn’t open yet, there were toilets and plenty of flat grass for camping.  I subsequently found out that a group of Challengers had camped there, so I’ll bear that in mind for future crossings.

There is a new cycle path running along the Old Military Road which runs south out of Potarch, so I walked on that until picking up the forest tracks, and roughly following the River Dee, into Banchory.

Banchory was a planned lunchstop so I had a plate of Macaroni Cheese.  As a Vegetarian, walking in Scotland, I eat a lot of Macaroni Cheese as it’s usually the only option.  (My favourite is Macaroni Cheese Pie with chips, which must contain about 3000 calories a portion).  Of course, I bumped into 3 Challengers (Pieter, Jamie and Nat) in the cafe.

I intended to camp at the Inch of Culter campsite at NJ855001 but this was just off the top of my map and so I’d drawn myself a little sketch map before I left home which, I hoped, would be good enough.  However, I also took advice from a Challenger who lived locally and ended up following his directions which took me off the Deeside Way and onto the roads.  The route seemed to be taking an awful lot longer than it should have done, but I didn’t have the right bit of map to confirm exactly where I was in relation to the campsite and I couldn’t be certain that he was talking about the same site.  There are lessons to be learned from this!  I was exhausted by the time I reached the campsite and pitched my tent.  Oh, and it was raining again.

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