Me too!

Due to the wonders of t’interweb (as the Postman still hasn’t been) I now know that I have a place on the 2012 Rab TGO Challenge.  Phew!  After being number 52 on the standby list in 2011, it’s a relief to know I have a place right at the start.

I have a vague plan for the first couple of days of my route and I have the early musings of a themed walk ….. but that may not come to anything.  This year, as I have now completed 5 crossings, I have to submit my route by the end of January, ie a month early.  No problems, I’ll have it ready by Xmas.  (Ahem! I think I may have said that before).

To anyone who is upset to hear that they’re on the standby list, all I can do is repeat the advice you’ll be hearing from other people:- plan a route, be patient and keep in touch with the Coordinator.  I’ve been on the list twice and have regained my place twice, so fingers crossed for you.

PS – The postman has just brought my letter.  I’m in!

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8 Responses to Me too!

  1. Congratulations, goofif.

    I may well be in Scotland at that time – gives me an opportunity to stick my foot out and trip you up as you walk by.

    Martin R


  2. AlanR says:

    Congrats Judith. Hope the weather is good for you this time. I think it will be.


  3. Theo says:

    May (how appropriate) I have your votes, please !? Judith…..twelve points, douze points.
    Plan wisely and off you go girl ! And kick some a…….ahum : cairns.


  4. mike knipe says:

    Judith: Its going to be awful. I really don’t know why we do it. It’s such a slog. Then there’s the ticks and the slugs and the over-enthusiastic drinking sessions. And the wrinkly feet, aches and pains. the queue for the immodium at the chemist’s in Braemar….the being washed away , getting lost in miles of sitka, the bogs, the raging streams, the papparazzi and the groupies(oh no, thats just me…)
    Congratulations anyway…


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