Descent of the Stiperstones

Yesterday, I bought Half Man Half Biscuit‘s new album 90 Bisodol (Crimond) and, on hearing track 7, remembered I’d not written up this trip from October…. so here it is.

I’d spent the week near Wenlock Edge, celebrating (commiserating?) a 50th birthday [not mine, yet] and this walk was a stop-off on my way home.  After a scary encounter with a talking toilet in Church Stretton, and a lunch-stop on top of the Long Mynd, I parked at The Knolls car-park and followed the all ability trail North-Eastish.  I don’t think I’ve walked here before, but the tors looked just how I expected and the information boards gave a good description of the flora and fauna and the relationship between the local people and the landscape.

At the end of the all ability trail, I turned onto the Shropshire Way which follows the line of the tors.  Usually I like to keep my feet firmly on the ground but, on reaching the Devil’s Chair, I appear to have come under some sort of diabolical influence and found myself climbing to the top.  It felt good sitting on a rock, swinging my legs and admiring the view – and I even managed to climb down without hurting myself.

I didn’t quite get to the top of Manstone Rock as there was a tricky step up to the Trig point but at least I got another photo for my collection. (There’s nothing wrong with collecting Trig points!)

At Cranberry Rock I had the choice of going back to the car or extending the walk and I chose to go a little further. Exactly where I went, I’m not sure as my GPS batteries had run out but it was past Nipstone Rock.  If I’d stuck to paths, I’d have had to go further than I wanted so I took advantage of the Access Land and dropped down the slope towards Knolls Cottage and through a flock of hard-faced dark sheep.

There was only one other car in the carpark when I got back but a couple of cars came in and went straight out again.  Aware of the fading light, and the possibility that maybe this carpark attracted a different clientele in the evening, I ate my posh Church Stretton pasty and set off for home.

By the way, the album is brilliant!  My favourite tracks so far: Excavating Rita and The Coroner’s Footnote.  I can’t wait for the gig in Manchester a week on Saturday.

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5 Responses to Descent of the Stiperstones

  1. Theo says:

    Hi Judith,
    I see you’re collecting trigpoints. Do you store them in your backyard ?


  2. And there was me thinking you would rush out to get one of the Bulgarian State Women’s Choir albums after catching one of the tracks at the mentioned birthday bash.


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