TGOC2013 – Day 8 – Comrie

Today could have been the best yet – if it hadn’t been for the weather. Scottish Hill Tracks route 124 is really pretty, with outstanding scenery – but I could only see it through the rain dripping off the peak of my hood. It eased off for my last hour of walking but there has just been a tremendous downpour. Thankfully I got the tent up in time! BBC Weather says Heavy Rain for today and White Cloud for tomorrow. Let’s hope it is right.

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2 Responses to TGOC2013 – Day 8 – Comrie

  1. Good to see you in Montrose, Judith. Your reports have the air of a broken down car that occasionally splutters into action. We hope you got home ok…


    • Judith says:

      Hi Martin and Sue. I’m not sure what to make of your comment; this year I would describe myself as a reliable old packhorse which just kept plodding eastwards. Nothing too exciting happened, and that was just the way I like it!


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