TGOC2013 – Day 6 – Hills Day!

Today’s diary entry, written whilst my dinner was cooking:  Day 6.  Hills day!  Hard work but enjoyable – although absolutely exhausted now.  Rain and snow in morning.  Hot sun in pm.  Saw lots of deer and a fox.  May look to miss out tomorrow’s hill.  Feet wet all day.  That just about sums it up.

This was a really enjoyable day which, according to my route sheet, was only 17km distance but with 1280 metres of ascent.  That’s quite a lot of Up for me.  On my early TGO Challenges I’d never have considered going up and then across pathless nothingness, but I’ve learned that this can be really good fun . . . although progress can be slow which is why I planned a short day.

The photograph doesn’t really do it justice, but I started the day with 550m of ascent in just over 1km on the map.

Luckily the weather was fine (so I didn’t have to wear my waterproofs) and there were plenty of opportunities to “admire the view” (also known as “gasping for breath”) and look down at where I’d been camping; inside the bend in the river near the bridge.

Loch Katrine looked tranquil ……… … but then, guess what?  Yes, it rained.

Once the initial climb was over, I didn’t stick too closely to my originally planned route but just bimbled in an Easterly direction whilst aiming to maintain as much height as possible.  There were patches of snow on the North-facing hills and I had one brief snow shower in between the sun and hail.

I knew I’d have to drop down to the Allt a’ Choin …..

….. but I was in no rush and the climb back up again was gentle enough.

I like being in wide open landscapes but I do sometimes get a little navigationally challenged.  I caught sight of a Loch which, of course, must have been Glen Finglas Reservoir as that’s where I wanted to go.  Unfortunately, “Glen Finglas Reservoir” was the wrong shape and did not fit in with the features on the map.  Maybe there’d been a lot of rain and the reservoir was now a different shape?  Yes, that’ll be it.  I plodded on.

The road which should have led to the tip of the reservoir was in the wrong place…. and there was a steamer sailing the length of the reservoir, just like on Loch Katrine.  Er, very like on Loch Katrine. Ahem, maybe this was Glenfinglas Reservoir….….. almost identical (cough).

I can’t believe how long I puzzled over why Glen Finglas Reservoir was the wrong shape and in the wrong place.  My only excuse is that I thought I’d walked further than I had.  The poor navigation doesn’t really worry me, as I was having a lovely day in the hills, but the complete absence of common sense was slightly concerning!

I remember being very tired on the walk down to Glen Finglas Water.  I’d had to climb over a couple of barbed wire fences and I was almost too tired to be safe.  The soles of my feet were aching on the hard track and I really wanted to be tucked up in my tent.  My planned campsite had been another sheepfold but I found it was thigh deep in thistles, bracken and mud so I had to walk on a little further.  Just over the bridge at NN492118 I found a reasonable patch of ground that was a bit churned up by cattle but I really didn’t have the strength to look for anywhere better.  I slept well that night.

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6 Responses to TGOC2013 – Day 6 – Hills Day!

  1. John J says:

    Wow, this report is coming on thick and fast….you on holiday or something?
    Well done – and keep ’em coming, your public is waiting!


  2. AlanR says:

    Thats a lovely area. We were up there year before last. Just a question that is niggling me, so here goes. When you was up at the watershed before dropping down to Glen Gyle and your campsite for the night. Did you consider staying up and walking the boundary fence up Parlan Hill and following it round, camping at Learg an lochain or one of the smaller lochans en route?
    As JJ says – keep em coming. Good reading.


    • Judith says:

      Hi Alan. I did not actively consider Parlan Hill but, looking at the map now, I think it would have kept me more northerly than I wanted to be and with a lot of big hills slowing me down. It’s a lovely area and I would like to go back for a non-linear walk sometime.


  3. Andrew says:

    A fine day, but day 6 lassitude….Such is life Jungle 🙂


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