TGOC2014 – Weigh to go!

OK, here’s one for all you gear list voyeurs.  I told myself I wasn’t going to do this but here’s a rough and ready list of what I’m taking on this year’s TGO Challenge and how much it all weighs.  All weights in grammes.

Carried on back (minus food & water)
Rucksack: Osprey Exos 46 with map bungees, small compass, Alpkit clippers and liner   1,230
Tent: Laser Competition in bag with assorted extra pegs, spare guy and condensation sponge   1,210
Tent carpet: Laminate flooring underlay wrapped in plastic bag   129
Sleeping bag: Rab Quantum 400 in waterproof stuff sack   953
Sleeping mat: Thermarest Neoair short in bag   269
Inflatable pillow   107
Terra Nova Moonlite sleeping bag cover   188
Spare clothes in waterproof bag: Ron Hills, underwear, socks, short-sleeve Icebreaker baselayer, microfleece jumper, Rab Neutrino gilet, pyjama bottoms   1,106
Waterproof trousers Berghaus Paclite in net bag   221
Waterproof mitts   170
Montane windshirt in stuff net   111
Water bottles (Platypi) 1x1L, 1x2L   73
Pan: Titan kettle   136
Mug: MSR 400ml Ti mug   57
Folding bowl   32
Spork   18
Gas canister   381
Stove: Coleman F1 in bag with lighter, waterproof matches and emergency spoon.   109
Pot cosy   32
Pan scourer   2
Towel   56
Waterproof bag (Podsac type) for “ready use” spare clothes, towel etc   50
Waterproof bag (Podsac type) for radio, batteries, phone charger etc   40
Radio and headphones   119
Headtorch   65
Spare batteries for radio / GPS / headtorch   45
Phone plus spare battery plus charger   181
Trowel/Shewee/Tissues/Ensuite facilities   140
Hand gel   85
Sun cream   70
Insect repellent   60
Midge headnet   36
Sit mat   44
Map case   69
OS map x6 and printed extracts   504
Repair kit etc – penknife, Seamgrip, Tenacious Tape, sewing kit, nail clippers, notepad and pencil, string, clothes pegs, water purifying tablets, small padlock plus key   279
Toiletries   200
Cards/Cash/Sudoko/Crosswords/Envelopes and stamps for returning maps/House keys   170
Compass (in rucksack hipbelt pocket)   37
GPS inc batteries (in rucksack hipbelt pocket)   91
Wristwatch (on rucksack strap)   31
Neoprene socks   78
Crocs   309
First Aid kit   255
Monocular   195
  Total = 9,743
Food and drink   (for 4 days)    
Water (this won’t last for 4 days!)   500
Noodles/Pasta x 4   484
Soup x 4   100
Porridge – 8 portions (probably enough for whole trip)   360
Prunes   250
Dried milk (enough for whole trip)   200
Tea bags/Coffee (enough for whole trip)   100
Nuts   200
Chocolate   100
Garibaldi biscuits   200
Oatcakes – 4 servings   296
Cheese   228
Sweets   100
  Total = 3,118

So I will have 9,743 + 3,118 = 12.861 kg on my back when I set off.

I will be wearing:

Pair Inov-8 Terrocs   675
Pair Smartwool socks   57
Undies   63
Longsleeve Icebreaker baselayer   198
Tilly Hat   146
Rohan Trousers   345
Paramo Velez Smock   735
Gaiters   67
  Total = 2,286

And I will have the following in my pockets:

Carried on person    
Gloves   34
Buff   38
Fleecy earwarmer   23
Tissues and Vaseline   50
Biro   11
Camera in case plus spare battery   348
Comb   10
Whistle   9
Glasses in case   48
  Total = 571

If you’d asked me to pluck a figure from the air – based on my previous experience – I’d have said I’ll probably be starting with between 12 and 13kg on my back but it will drop to nearer 11kg once I’ve sent a few maps home and eaten most of my food.  These figures back that up and while I know it’s not what many people would call “lightweight”, it’s about 3kg lighter than on my first TGO Challenge in 2006 and I actually take more stuff now.

Edit: I missed one crucial item – my hipflask full of whisky.  Approx 400g when full, so I’ll have to drink it quickly to get back below 13kg.

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10 Responses to TGOC2014 – Weigh to go!

  1. AlanR says:

    Interesting list. Just a couple of observations. The flooring foam. I fold mine so that it is 1 1/2 x as wide as purchased and then locate it in the rucksack against my back. Mine is 2M x 1M and it weighs 77 grams. Your 126grams seems a lot? My Tesco pillow weighs again 77 grams, strange that your Tesco pillow weighs 107gr.
    Do you really need a sleeping bag cover with the Quantum? Lots of spare cloths there, is that just in case Madge calls in. Chocolate, definitely not enough for a full day.
    Have a good trip Judith.


    • Judith says:

      Hi Alan
      I do carpet the whole tent floor so possibly could take slightly less underlay. Yes, the spare clothes are heavy but I like to have a complete change as I find I get cold if I sit round in my walking clothes in the tent in the evening. I reckon I could cut back, though.
      I do have another set of kitchen scales somewhere so I may reweigh some things, eg the pillow, and see if I get a different weight. My scales are good enough for cake-baking but not quite good enough for camping gear obsessives!
      I used the sleeping bag cover during my Berwyns trip at the weekend. It adds a little warmth and also protects against condensation and grubby bothy floors. It’s not essential.
      The chocolate is Green and Black’s 70% and one small piece goes a long way!
      See you in Montrose.


  2. AlanR says:

    I missed this item on my first read. A small padlock and key ? Intrigued.


  3. Robin says:

    Interesting to see what others carry. We all have a different trade off between weight and comfort. I aim to be under 10kg without food/water/fuel. I’m in your camp on clothes. I always have spare so I can be dry when I’m camping. Have a good Challenge. Perhaps we will meet along the way.


  4. I love these kit lists Judith 🙂 . I have been pruning my list since I posted it and yours is similar in many ways to mine, although I do not need the girlie things! I am about 1kg more than you but quite a lot of my stuff is inherently heavier, me being very tall and taking the large or XL size in things. Hope to bump into you on the Challenge to put a face to a fellow blogger’s name.


  5. Phil Cook says:

    Oh to be in Scotland now spring is there…

    I am still off the hills with a bruised femur. I might manage half a day in the Dales if I’m lucky. I hope all you challengers have nice weather.


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