TGOC14 Day 1

Overall a good day but with the last 2 hours taking more effort than the previous 5.
Stopped a little short as the rain was coming in again. A curious mix of bright sun and torrential rain. I can see a rainbow from my tent.

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2 Responses to TGOC14 Day 1

  1. AlanR says:

    What route did you take on day 1? And if it was the way i suspect, how was it underfoot?


    • Judith says:

      Hi Alan. Day 1 was: ” Minor road then path along N shore of Loch Morar – Tarbet – Path round Druim Chulinn – Kylesmorar – Allt na Creagaig – Lochan nan Tri-chriochan – Coire Dubh” although I did not make it as far as Coire Dubh. It was steep going up Allt na Creagaig then a mix of bogs, tufts and rocks. Not TOO bad, though, and I found a decentish pitch for my tent. I’m going to write a fuller report when I get a round tuit.


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