TGOC14 Day 13 – The End

I left NWB campsite with the determination to stride across the remaining 20 or so km to Johnshaven. The final day of roadwalking is not always fun but I didn’t have far to go.
However, the weather was the bleakest I’ve had for the entire fortnight. The wind drove the rain into my face and my Inov8s soon filled with water. This was not the way it was supposed to be.
At Johnshaven it was too wet to risk my camera on lots of grey, murky photos so I had a quick paddle in the gloopy mud then took shelter in the pub.
Excellent food and a choice of real ales (and a change of socks) soon perked me up. An unfortunate mix-up over bus times meant I had to go back into the pub and drink more beer. Oh well – these things sometimes have to be done!

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8 Responses to TGOC14 Day 13 – The End

  1. John J says:

    Well on done on completing TGOC No8…’ll be a leg-end before you know it!


  2. Robin says:

    Well done, Judith. Lovely to meet you (at last) at NWB. My shorter walk to St Cyrus was completed before any serious rain 🙂


    • Judith says:

      Yes, it was good to meet you too, Robin. I saw the signs to St Cyrus and it was very tempting to head for the closer finish with the rain lashing my face, but I was determined not to bail out so close to the end…. and I knew there was a pub in Johnshaven!


  3. mikeknipe says:

    I missed three buses whilst waiting in that pub, including trying to get on one going to Aberdeen. Very friendly spot!


    • Judith says:

      The bus timetable has secret symbols printed in the smallest text possible. The symbols apparently meant that none of the buses I was waiting for went to Montrose. Still, I am sure there are worse bus stops to be stranded at!


  4. Ian Johnston says:

    Well done on what sounds to have been a great Challenge Judith 🙂 I know that pub quite well; it’s a good place to miss a bus or three!

    Kind Regards


    • Judith says:

      Hi Ian. It was very tempting to spend the rest of the day in that pub – especially as I knew there was no chance of a decent pint at the Challenge gathering in Montrose.


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