TGOC2015 Day 5

Yesterday’s laziness was rewarded with gales and heavy rain all night. The tent coped but it was not the relaxing evening I had planned.
Today was physically short but mentally long. Took a wrong turn in the forest; again. Rained until mid afternoon.
Met a friendly 7 month old Black Lab and helped with his training. Scared the life out of a young spaniel who was really not sure what I was.
Fort Augustus is full of coach parties. Pretty town, so I can see why they come here.

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4 Responses to TGOC2015 Day 5

  1. Tony Dennis says:

    Hi Judith – Great photograph of Fort Augustus framed by the rainbow. Hope you’re enjoying the walk. Tony


  2. Amanda j smith says:

    Well, the days are flying by, the photos are fab as always, the weather – not looking so hot! I can relate to the spaniel I wonder the same thing every day in the office! 😉

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  3. AlanR says:

    That’s a fair old walk Tomich to Fort Aggy. Well done for choosing it, I think I would have gone for something more wimpish.


    • Judith says:

      Hi Alan. I think I must have misled you. Tomich was Sunday night and Fort Aggy was not til Tuesday. I camped a couple of km N of Torgyle Bridge on a very windy Monday. [End]


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