TGOC2015 Days 6, 7 & 8

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The new Glen Doe hydro road, whilst obviously a human-built scar, was still a pleasant and remote-feeling walk. There were two campers at my planned pitch but I’d considered going on a little further and managed another 1.5 km before finding the least boggy patch of ground.
I needed an early start on Thursday but there was no sun first thing and the cold dissuaded me from getting out of bed. A 9 a.m. start was followed 12 hours later with a 9 p.m. pitch. A long day but a rewarding one. Progress was slow across the trackless bogs and peat hags but the ridge walk was good fun in fine weather – and I even bagged a Munro; my first on any TGOC. The photo is typical of the snow fields I had to cross. I hope the trail of little footprints is visible.
Today’s easy walk was tiring and my feet ached. I think I must be feeling the effects of yesterday’s efforts.
With wintry conditions promised for tomorrow I am abandoning my ascent of Cairngorm Mountain and following my FWA. 2 Munros in one year would’ve been excessive anyway.

My apologies to anyone waiting for Twitter or blog responses. My phone has had very little signal and I can only do the basics. Hopefully the great Ballater metropolis will allow me to catch up in a couple of days.

This post’s title corrected Sunday 17th May.

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4 Responses to TGOC2015 Days 6, 7 & 8

  1. Judith says:

    Btw, the photo is not of the Munro. It was warm, dry and sunny up there.


  2. Judith says:

    Doh! These were, of course, Days 6, 7 & 8. My own fault for staying up too late and drinking whisky.

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  3. Jeremy says:

    Which Munro was it then, Judith?

    And congratulations for “bagging” it … once you’ve done one, and realize that actually, they CAN be incorporated into Challenge crossings, you’ll soon find yourself happily writing loads of them into your route cards, just like me. (Whether you end up not actually DOING most of them, just like me, is a different matter altogether LOL )


  4. Judith says:

    Carn Sgulain.NH684059.


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