TGOC2015 – Day 4 revisited – Forest, pylons and a stormy night

I managed to take my tent down dry before it started raining again.  I’d booked breakfast at the hotel so I was well fed and rested when I started my day’s walk.  The route-finding should be quite easy today and I only needed to do around 18km, so there was no need to rush.

Heading back out of Tomich, I retraced my route from the previous evening; past the Golden Retriever statue ……

P1030909_Fotorand the tacky ornate fountain which looked a bit odd plonked in the middle of nowhere….

P1030910_FotorP1030911_FotorThe first few km did require some reference to the map as I was heading SW, which seemed wrong.  I can’t be certain I took the best route into the forest as I wasn’t sure whether the tracks I was walking on were the tracks marked on the map, but I found my way and had a chat with a Challenger who appeared from the (more conventional) West whilst I was working out where I was.

It was a cold and exposed walk following the pylons over the Guisachan Forest moorland.  Easy underfoot, but the wind and the rain were unpleasant.  This grotty little hut provided a very welcome shelter.

NH295185, I think.

I had planned to camp a few km before Torgyle Bridge, possibly in or near the woodland just before the road.  However, I stopped a little short when I saw a nice, flat plot of ground with lovely views.  Yes, it was a little exposed but the wind wasn’t too bad.  It was only around 3pm and I planned a leisurely afternoon of snoozing, boozing, eating and reading.

The wind soon got stronger, so I slightly altered the pitching but wasn’t too concerned.  I knew this tent could cope with a lot, and it wasn’t exactly a storm.  Of course, the wind got worse and worse all through the afternoon and evening.  I passed up the opportunity to move …. mainly due to laziness and the stupid belief that “It can’t stay like this all night!” ….. No, it didn’t; it got worse.


My tent billowing in the wind before I’ve even unpacked my rucksack.

This was not the relaxing, lazy afternoon and evening I’d planned and there was a lesson to be learned ….. if you’re camped in an exposed location in bad weather and it’s not even tea-time…… MOVE!

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