TGOC2015 – Day 5 revisited – Lost in the forest then finding the pot of gold

I had a very disturbed night in the tent and didn’t feel safe using my stove inside the porch in the morning due to the ever increasing wind. I’ve never known such strong gales last for so long. I set off without a hot drink or my porridge and this, combined with the lack of sleep and the miserable drizzly rain, probably contributed to this being a hard day, despite it being a planned distance of only 16km.

I’ve got lost in the Inchnacardoch Forest before. I got lost this time, too. I think I zigged, when I should have zagged – so added another couple of km. It was my compass that told me I was going the wrong way, but the problem could have been avoided if I had paid more attention to my map at each forest track junction.

The morning was annoyingly damp but there was some suggestion that the sun was trying to make a come-back.

P1030920_FotorI like Fort Augustus. I’d booked into a hostel which, thankfully, let me check in early and I enjoyed having a wander round. After chips and macaroni cheese pie I had a pint of beer then climbed up the lock staircase.

The morning’s drizzle had given way to sunshine and it was nice to lounge around with no particular aim other than relaxing.

I was very pleased to get this next photo …. although it required a certain amount of patience while I waited for the group of Spanish tourists who’d stood in front of me to put down their ipads and move out of the way!

P1030927_FotorThe Fort Augustus hostel clientele couldn’t have been further removed from the type of people I’d stayed with in Glen Affric. And the hostel’s drying room was the size of a small cupboard; not really designed for outdoorsy people. Fort Augustus is obviously a coach-tour destination and most people had wheeled suitcases and an itinerary that took in not only the Scottish Highland’s key landmarks but quite possibly Windermere, Oxford and London, too. I did, however, have an interesting chat with a solo traveller who loved the hills and couldn’t resist coming over for a natter when he saw my maps.

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3 Responses to TGOC2015 – Day 5 revisited – Lost in the forest then finding the pot of gold

  1. mikeknipe says:

    Macaroni cheese? A rare treat, I expect…


  2. alan.sloman says:

    “I’ve got lost in the Inchnacardoch Forest before. I got lost this time, too.”
    In true Challenge style!


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