TGOC2015 – Day 6 revisited – Glen Doe – Chalybeate – Snow

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Glen Doe.  I’d avoided the area while the hydro works were underway and I didn’t know whether I would find a horribly mutilated landscape. It turned out to be not as bad as I’d feared. Yes, there is a road – and a new reservoir – but it still felt relatively remote and “unspoilt” to me.

I found these “peat storage areas” amusing. I mean, aren’t there acres and acres of “peat storage areas” all across the Highlands…. and nobody thinks to put a sign up!

The weather stayed dry all day. Mainly overcast but with hot sunny spells. It was perfect walking weather and I made good progress on the track.

Not far from the new reservoir the road cut through a deep bank of snow ….. until the cutting just stopped abruptly and I had to climb out of the trench and walk on top.

My intention had been to camp at Chalybeate Spring but two things put me off when I got there. For a start, I couldn’t find an area that looked good for camping – although I know large groups of Challengers have congregated there so I must’ve been looking in the wrong place.

The second reason was that there were two “unofficials” camping there. Having left it too late to submit their TGO Challenge application form, they’d decided to do it anyway. I know what you’re thinking;  I’m surprised they didn’t have a dog and a route that involved running, too!

Appalled at this flouting of the rules of the event (in which they were not participating) and not wishing to be implicated in the crime should a Vetter/Auditor appear, I decided to keep going.

After not very long I was wondering if I’d made a mistake. The ground was wet and lumpy and I was beginning to doubt whether I would find anywhere suitable to pitch. I kept going and tried a few likely spots out for size. At about 7pm I found an area that would do nicely. Flat and dryish; water nearby and a view of miles of nothingness from the tent door.

Whilst pitching my tent I noticed that one of the loops which attaches the “storm strap” to my Laser Competition tent had ripped off – presumably in the winds two nights ago. I did the best repair I could using needle & thread and Tenacious Tape and was confident that the tent would survive the night now that wind had dropped to a gentle breeze.

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