TGOC2015 – Day 14 revisited – The End – Catterline

Note: I’ve never written up a Day 14 before as I’ve never had a Day 14.  Using the sleeper train bought me an extra day.

I was up and away before 8am.  I’d put my earplugs in when the crows started bawling at silly o’clock but I didn’t fancy lounging in bed when there were only a few miles left to walk.

Breakfast was a microwaved pie from an A90 petrol station, eaten standing up in the rain on the forecourt.  Porridge in my tent would’ve been better in so many ways but I’d been impatient to get going.

Apart from a short stretch of farm tracks I would be on minor roads all the way to Catterline.  This was classic, flat East Coast farming country.

P1040069There was a slight hiccup in my plan when I encountered these signs:-

P1040070_FotorWhat does Road Closed really mean to a walker?  Why was it closed?  Could I squeeze past an obstruction ….. or did the road come to an abrupt end?  Judging from the types of vehicles which had been driving past me, and the faint whiff of tarmac on the breeze, I assumed that the road was being resurfaced.  I looked at the map and saw that I had a couple of escape options, if required, further along the road and would hopefully not have to make a long detour.  I kept going and eventually caught up with the gang of road workers with their wagon of steaming black stuff and an incredibly heavy-looking roller.  I caught the foreman’s eye and stood out of the way until given permission to go past; potential awkward detour avoided.

Not long later Catterline came into view:


I was soon down in the harbour picking my way across the seaweed covered rocks for an East Coast Paddle.  Job done.

20150521_103205Catterline has a lovely harbour so I spent some time exploring the beach and marvelling at the power of the sea……

P1040079…. then sitting on a bench and having a think:

P1040090_FotorThis was my 9th crossing.  Any more and I’d be in Leg End territory.  Was I ready it for?  Should I stop now before it all got out of hand?!

After a period of reflection I climbed back up the path to the Creel Inn which, unfortunately, did not open until 12 noon and I’d arrived in Catterline at about 10am.

I was sitting outside the pub supping a celebratory whisky when Nicole arrived.  It was good to see her …. but I was glad I’d finished alone.

We had lunch in the inn and, whilst chatting, realised that we both follow each other’s blogs!

After lunch we caught the bus to Montrose where I’d booked a room in the Links Hotel.  I expected an en suite bathroom but was pleasantly surprised to find an Olympic sized swimming pool rather than a bath.  It must’ve been 6 feet long and 3 feet deep and I really enjoyed my soak/swim.  I joined the merriment at the Park Hotel in the evening and witnessed a clutch of Challenge friends being recognised for their 10th and 20th crossings…. an objective which had never realistically featured on my personal To Do list until now.

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3 Responses to TGOC2015 – Day 14 revisited – The End – Catterline

  1. AlanR says:

    Well done again. Go on you know 10 makes sense.


  2. alan.sloman says:

    “Should I stop now before it all got out of hand?!”


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