TGOC16 – Day 0 – Home to Oban

I managed to wake up before any of my 3 alarms and was out of the house before 7. Uneventful journey but the Glasgow to Oban train was very busy and noisy. It made me yearn even more for the solitude of a wild camp. This is my first time in Oban and I was surprised at how large and busy it is. I’ve been sitting in the sun watching the harbour traffic. Yes, sun!


One concern for tomorrow: Can I walk slowly enough to make sure my lunchtime pub has opened when I get there?

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4 Responses to TGOC16 – Day 0 – Home to Oban

  1. It’s always possible to walk slowly enough to make sure the pub is open! However. The converse may not be true.

    BTW I noticed from your blog that you have a Vaude bivi 1p. How do you find the ventilation – do you leave the door slightly open at nigh to allow more oxygen in? Any thoughts/comments/tips would be appreciated


    • Judith says:

      That depends on the midges! The bivi has good venting options at the head end. If the weather is dry I leave it fully unzipped
      I’m unlikely to have good internet access for a few days now so won’t be able to approve new comments.


  2. Thanks for the info. I’m excited to try mine out in the field, just don’t want to run the risk of asphyxiating myself by accident if zipped in.

    Good luck on the TGO


  3. Judith says:

    Post updated to include the photo of Oban harbour which my finger trouble originally missed out.

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