TGOC2016 Revisited – Day 2 – Blarcreen to near Glenetive Forest

Sunday was, on paper, the day with the most climb (1270m) on this year’s crossing but I had limited the planned distance to only 18km.  I had a number of hills on my route, including a Corbett (Creach Bheinn), although I only know it’s a Corbett because the TGO Challenge rules say that all Munros and Corbetts must be noted.  I think I may have mentioned this before….. but I’m not a hill bagger, although I’m starting to enjoy being high on occasion…. especially when you get views like this:

p1040507My progress had been slow all day; mainly due to the rough terrain under foot but I don’t think the hills helped.  On only my second day of walking I was unfit and was glad that I didn’t need to reach anywhere in particular that night.  Also, my GPS just would not get a fix and I had an unconfident feeling about whether I was where I thought I was.

Eventually, Creach Bheinn was ahead of me.  The time was about 3pm and I was tired.  The hill looked enormous…. although this photo doesn’t do it justice.


I had about 8km of my planned day ahead of me and I just couldn’t see how I was going to manage it if I climbed the Corbett.  I looked down the hill towards Loch Etive:


That didn’t look like an attractive option either but at least, when I reached the bottom, it should be an easy enough walk along the glen.

I hadn’t bargained on this under foot, though –


It was a tough trudge but I kept going for a few more km, wondering if it would have been easier under foot if I’d stayed on the hills to my left – Creag na Cathaig and Meall Garbh.  Shortly after Beinn Sgulaird I decided it was time to call it a day.  I was a couple of kilometres short but I’d found a good place to camp and I had an easier day in the morning so could make up the distance without too much trouble.

p1040512-2Usually I don’t plan to have a “proper” pudding, although I might have some chocolate or nuts after my dinner, but tonight was definitely going to be a fig-rolls-and-custard night due to the effort I’d expended during the day.  The Bird’s instructions are easy enough to follow at home with a kettle, measuring jug and a whisk but not so easy with only a Ti kettle, a spork and a nearly-triangular folding bowl.  The custard was a little on the runny side…. in fact, it was like water but I was glad of the extra calories and would have two more opportunities to get it right later in the trip.

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4 Responses to TGOC2016 Revisited – Day 2 – Blarcreen to near Glenetive Forest

  1. Byron says:

    Learned something here, must read challenge rules as I missed guidance about hills, looking to start in Oban this year if I get on, so your revisit has been helpful and a good reminder about fitness and your skill with custard😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jeremy Burrows says:

    “A fig-rolls-and-custard night!” Oh Judith … I LOVE it!!!


  3. John J says:

    Yum…..only bettered by Eccles Cakes & Custard!


  4. Peter Goddard says:

    In fact the requirement to list Corbetts & Munros has now been dropped.


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