TGOC2016 Revisited – Day 3 – To Kings House Hotel

I can’t remember what the delay was in the morning but it was 9am before I was packed up and walking.  I always intend to be up with the lark but I think it would be daft to set an alarm when the hours of daylight are so long so I just wake up when I wake up…. and if I go back to sleep for a couple of hours then so be it.

Looking down at Airigh nan Lochan I wondered whether I would have found somewhere decent to camp if I’d pushed on….

… so I was relieved to find it was an unpleasant swamp.  I’d made the right choice to stop early.

My route took me to the North side of the Glenetive Forest then, after a bit of a faff when I couldn’t work out if I’d found the right gate, through the forest to Invercharnan.  From there it would be a few km to Dalness and then up and over the Lairig Gartain …. or possibly Gortain depending on whether you read the OS map or the Scotways sign.

The Lairig looked tempting…


… but it was 3:30pm when I reached this sign



… and I had a room booked in the Kings House Hotel and I did not want to miss out on the luxury of hot water, beer and food cooked by someone else.  Despite the weather being fine, I decide to follow my Foul Weather Alternative along the minor road.



Good grief, it was tedious!  The hills and the glen looked beautiful…

p1040529-2… but the road went on for bloomin’ ever.

I eventually reached the Kings House Hotel and went into the “Cocktail Bar” to check-in.  The bar was chocka with walkers so I looked around expecting to see some TGO Challenge pals.  I saw nobody I knew and they somehow seemed “different”, then it dawned on me….. these were West Highland Way walkers.

After a shower I retired to the Climbers Bar, which was full of Germans, and had some soup and a huge plate of veggie chilli.

Today’s beer: Cairngorm Gold; Cairngorm Stag.

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1 Response to TGOC2016 Revisited – Day 3 – To Kings House Hotel

  1. Jeremy Burrows says:

    Oh yes, Judith! There ain’t no walker like a TGO Challenge walker!!!


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