TGOC2016 Revisited – Day 6 – Loch Ericht to Loch Errochty. Just head East.

It was cold and breezy in the morning, with the threat of rain so I put on my waterproof trousers before leaving the tent.  My Paclite trousers are light, comfortable and warm when the wind starts blowing – and the various patches of repair tape give me a certain amount of hill-cred, I’m sure.  Despite many attempts to buy “proper” hillwalking trousers, I always revert to Ron Hills and lightweight waterproofs.  A versatile combination in my experience.

As I crossed the dam, I wondered why someone had seen fit to put this sign up?

p1040588-2I mean, would someone really wander round looking for Loch Ericht and only know they’d found it because it had a sign?  Odd.

Having taken several opportunities to follow my FWAs over the first few days, I now contrarily stuck to my main route despite the weather being absolutely Foul, with a capital “F”.  The early morning mist had now thickened and, as I went higher, the cloud was all around me and visibility was down to not-very-far-at-all.


I left the track and walked E to Beinn Bhoidheach and Beinn Mholach (Corbett).  My GPS was now out of its sulk and I left it switched on during this low visibility patch but I really just used my compass to head due East.  Beinn Mholach has a summit cairn and a Trig Pillar and, apparently, there are great views to be had from the top.  However, I had to use my GPS to find the cairn as I couldn’t see it until I got close.


I don’t have many photos for the rest of the afternoon, probably because the weather didn’t really encourage me to stop and admire the view.  I was heading for a pitch between the two blocks of forest at the NW end of Loch Errochty.  I could not tell from the map whether I’d have to drop through the gap from the N or if I’d be able to follow the shore.  I’d turned off my GPS and, on reflection, I’m still a bit confused about exactly what line I was taking as I approached the loch.  For some reason I felt that I would have had to climb up the hill to go around the forest….. but the map suggests that I should have gone downhill.  Maybe it was just the undulating hillside acting as an optical illusion? Anyway, I was glad that there was plenty of dry ground between the forest and the loch so I could just follow the shore.

I camped near to the ruin at NN668656.  The lie of the land meant that I could not see the loch from my tent but I was still pretty happy with the view:

p1040598Today’s tea: Spicy Arrabbiata Pasta with extra cheese.  Very tasty.  And my instant custard was much improved; still a bit runny but at least I needed my spork to eat it!


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1 Response to TGOC2016 Revisited – Day 6 – Loch Ericht to Loch Errochty. Just head East.

  1. John J says:

    I can recommend the use of a tiny whisk to, er, whisk your Bird’s Instant to perfection.
    I’m thoroughly enjoying your trip – almost as much as you enjoyed doing it. 🙂


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