TGOC2016 Revisited – Day 8 – Fleeing from a lamb on the way to Killiecrankie and Ben Vrackie

I could have taken a minor road all the way to Killiecrankie but I did not want to go through Blair Atholl as I’d been there in 2014 and it was too soon to repeat it.  Instead, I went S out of Struan and then cross country to Tomaraid where I should be able to pick up a path to Killiecrankie.

After apologising to an old chap for tramping through his front garden, I found this pleasant track through the woods..

p1040619-2… then, once again, set off on an easterly bearing across the moorland.

I think the pimple to the left of this picture is Tulloch Hill.  At first the going was rough….

p1040621-2… but somewhere near Tomanraid I found a nice grassy path:

p1040622-2Once again, the map wasn’t matching the ground – until I noticed that the forest I was relying on had been chopped down:

p1040623-2I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to get to Killiecrankie.  I’d heard that some bridges were closed, so it was with a certain trepidation that I headed downhill and hoped I wouldn’t need a long diversion.

p1040629-2I passed a walled private graveyard for the Stewart family (at NN 892637, I think, but it took a lot of studying of aerial photos when I got home to be certain).

p1040631-2Passing through a farm onto the minor road I was adopted by a lame lamb bleating woefully.  It forced its way through a gate and hobbled towards me.  There were several other sheep in the farmyard but there was no sign of any people and I’m not sure where its mother was.  I knew that the lamb could get through the gate that I had to go through onto the road but I did not want it to stray too far from the flock, so I went through as quickly as I could then ran along the lane until I couldn’t hear the bleating anymore.  I’m not sure if this is rational behaviour but it seemed reasonable at the time.

The River Garry was looking a bit full …

p1040632-2… and I was glad to find the main road-bridge.  Fording would really not have been an option.

The Killiecrankie Visitor Centre was a blessing.  As well as interesting displays about the history and wildlife of the area there were benches, toilets, and hot & cold drinks for sale.  I ate my packed lunch accompanied with a coffee and a bottle of pop.

I’d seen the sign to Ben-y-Vrackie on my way to the Visitor Centre so the navigation was now easy…. I just followed signs all the way.  I knew that several Challengers would be going over Ben Vrackie but that was not my intention. I knew that Alistair had been up there the day before and I wondered if any other Challengers would be looking down on my campsite.

p1040642-2The ground around Loch a’ Choire was rough, boggy and – worse of all – very midgey.  I wouldn’t be able to camp here.  I pressed on to the E end of the loch where there was a bench to rest on.  Looking at the map and the lie of the land I hoped I’d find somewhere suitable if I followed the burn SE towards the next lochan.  By 7:30pm I had my tent up between the main burn and a fast-flowing rivulet draining the recent rain.  I placed a few rocks to try to discourage the water from flowing through my tent if there was heavy rain in the night….. but, thankfully, there wasn’t.


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4 Responses to TGOC2016 Revisited – Day 8 – Fleeing from a lamb on the way to Killiecrankie and Ben Vrackie

  1. Ian Johnston says:

    Running away from the lamb seems rational enough to me Judith! If you can find some old editions of “The Angry Corrie” you’ll be able to read about other fearsome beasts in that area….. “The B*stard Goats of Ben Vrackie”…. :o)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jeremy Burrows says:

    Running away from a lame lamb?? Now I’ve heard it all … or have I??? Looking forward to whatever comes next …


  3. John Hesp says:

    I like the photo of the tent. Symmetry.


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