TGOC2016 Revisited – Day 11 – Two breakfasts and lunch with Peter Pan

It was all road-walking today; 23km of it and hard on the feet but I had a couple of opportunities for a rest.  At the campsite I’d seen a sign for Peel Farm but paid no attention to it.  It was only whilst chatting to the site owner, while he kindly charged my phone, that I realised that it had a cafe and was well worth a visit.  The cafe was only a couple of miles away, and I hardly deserved a second breakfast, but I polished off a fried egg roll with a pot of tea.  Still kicking myself at having wasted a phone-charging opportunity whilst in Kirkton of Glenisla, I chose the table which had an electric socket next to it.  How did I ever manage to leave the house before mobile phones were invented?

The guy at the campsite had said that Reekie Linn waterfall was worth a visit but, when I got there, I didn’t like the idea of the narrow footpath and steep drop so didn’t divert from my route.  The carpark bins were overflowing with barbeque and picnic remains; this is obviously a very popular beauty spot.

The River Isla with the Reekie Linn carpark behind the trees to the left.

The River Isla with the Reekie Linn carpark behind the trees to the left.

p1040678-2Loch of Lintrathen was calm:


I loved these fingerposts:

p1040683-2Along the way, I spent 10 minutes watching a man chop down a tree…. or nearly.  He got his chainsaw stuck and I decided not to put the poor chap under any more pressure by standing there chuckling.

p1040685-2I reached Kirriemuir at just the wrong time; the pubs were open but weren’t serving food.  I had a wander around the town and marvelled at how many famous people had links with the town; not only Sir J M Barrie and Sir Hugh Munro, but also “Bon” Scott from ACDC (not that I’d actually heard of him) who all have memorials of some sort within the town.  The people of Kirriemuir were a friendly bunch and I had a couple of conversations about the Challenge.  One woman seemed amazed that I had managed to fit a tent in my rucksack; I’m not sure she understood that you can take the poles out and fold it up when you’re not sleeping in it.

I popped into a pub for a beer (and a phone charge top-up) but decided that it wouldn’t be worth hanging around for a couple of hours until they served food.  So, off to the shop to buy a few things including drinking water and fruit juice for that night’s stealth camp, and the makings of a sandwich to eat next to Peter Pan’s statue.


On the map I’d identified a small woodland which should provide a good location for a suburban “wild” camp.  When I got there, I found that the woods were opposite a big house with people playing tennis on a proper court outside.  I don’t like to draw attention to where I’m camping and and it looked like I’d have to climb over a gate in full view of the tennis players.  However, I took a gamble on there being another gate at the end of the woodland, which there was, and I managed to slip over without being seen …. I think.

It looked like there was occasional vehicle activity in the woods – possibly related to gamebird rearing – so I hoped that I wouldn’t be disturbed (or run over) in the night.  The road ran just behind the trees in the photo and I could hear the conversations of a local jogging group as they went past in both directions.

p1040693-3Today’s beer: I can’t remember…. not because I drank too much of it but because I did not write it down at the time.  Something beginning with W, I think.  Very nice, whatever it was.

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4 Responses to TGOC2016 Revisited – Day 11 – Two breakfasts and lunch with Peter Pan

  1. rozza381 says:

    Always…….always remember the name of beer lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. louse4 says:

    I never thinking of charging my mobile in pubs and cafes, don’t know why.
    And I am always impressed with your stealth camp spots, particularly as you near the east coast. I generally chicken out!


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