TGOC18 Days 1 to 6

I realise I have a few blog followers who aren’t on Twitter so won’t have heard anything from my TGO Challenge trip this year. I’ve had very little internet access so far but I think that will improve now I’ve crossed the A9.
The weather has been amazing. I wore my waterproof trousers to protect against drizzle first thing on Sunday morning but, apart from that, it’s been sunny and dry.
Mam Sodhail and the ridge walk was special. A long, hard climb up but the views were outstanding.
Yesterday’s slog through forestry plantation brash, bog and heather near Dunmaglass was not so good.
Unfortunately, I woke up with a cold on Tuesday morning and felt like packing in. Thankfully I was too far from anywhere with a railway station to make that possible so I kept going.
Today I took my Foul Weather Alternative, even though the weather is far from foul, as I wanted an easier walk to Carrbridge and a hotel room. A shower, cup of tea and pub meal don’t half lift the spirits.

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