TGOC18 Days 11 to 13. The end.

I knew that Tuesday and Wednesday could be hard work. Mostly road walking with only the occasional farm track to break up the monotony and ease the pounding on the feet.

BBC Radio 4 helped to distract me. I also set targets, such as St Margaret’s church at Forgue – where there was a bench – and the shop at Cuminestown and cafe at Maud. I was not disappointed to find Maud full of little old ladies!

The last 16km along the Formatine and Buchan Way, today, was a good finish to the walk. A local, Bill, accompanied me for the first mile or so. His tips on what I would see as I approached Peterhead helped with the mental challenge of just wanting to be there and stop walking.

I found myself in a busy port area of Peterhead to begin with. Luckily I soon realised if I walked a little further I’d find a proper beached harbour where I could have an East Coast Paddle to formally mark completion of my 11th TGO Challenge. A tough one at times due to a cold and a sore right foot but, as usual, a good sense of achievement on completion.

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