TGOC2018 – A photo a day – Day 2 – Mam Sodhail

This year I’m going to write a blog post for each day of my TGO Challenge crossing and base the post on one photograph from that day.  The photo won’t necessarily be the most stunning scenery but will be something that triggers memories for me.

Day 2 – Sunday 13th May 2018

Mam Sodhail to Sgurr na Lapaich

The weather was drizzly in the morning and I started off wearing waterproofs but still decided to go high.  I had a feeling the cloud would burn off, and I was right.

The climb to Bealach Coire Ghaidheil, then on to Mam Sodhail, was hard work but I had a short day and plenty of time.  I bumped into William, then Marcus and Silke – all going in the opposite direction to me.  Maybe they were lost. 😉

I crossed – or walked round – a few patches of snow.  Snow had been a concern to me a few weeks before the Challenge but I’d heard that much of it had now gone, so I had not brought spikes or an axe.

The views from Mam Sodhail were amazing.  I could see for miles.  I switched on the Augmented Reality tool on OSMaps on my phone so that I could easily put a name to what I could see …… but it said it needed an update and a data connection and wouldn’t work.  Disappointing.

My original plan had been to take the Coire Leachavie route off Mam Sodhail, then to go cross country to Sgurr Lapaich, but my vetter had suggested the ridge would be an easier walk.  I’m glad I listened to him as the ridge was brilliant.  Not many years ago I would have been too nervous to plan to walk a ridge but this was obviously a well-worn baggers’ route [I mean the route was well-worn not the baggers] and it was not so narrow that I feared falling off – although I kept away from snowy edges.  It was a tad windy up there.

The descent from Sgurr na Lapaich was a nightmare and I fell a couple of times – mainly due to tiredness, I think – but my time up high had been wonderful and I’d been so lucky with the weather.

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