TGOC2018 – A photo a day – Day 4 – Curious bulls

This year I’m going to write a blog post for each day of my TGO Challenge crossing and base the post on one photograph from that day.  The photo won’t necessarily be the most stunning scenery but will be something that triggers memories for me.

Day 4 – Tuesday 15th May 2018

Gordon Menzies runs two boats across Loch Ness for TGO Challengers; one at about 8am and one at 5pm.  I’m really not a morning person so I was aiming for the late afternoon crossing – although this put an unwanted time pressure on me which was increased by not starting walking until 8:40.  I’d also woken up with a sore throat and runny nose and was feeling a bit under the weather.

With no time for detours I took a few minutes to work out my options for crossing this field of bulls.  They all appeared to be “intact” [Note 1] and I was racking my brain to remember which type of male cattle could get aggressive.  Should I be worried that there only appeared to be males?  Was that actually safer than if they had cows with them?  I decided the best option was just to walk briskly across the field, crossing the little burn and trying to avoid the really muddy part, and to just stick out my arms and make a noise if they seemed too interested in me.

They did all come over to see what I was up to but were no trouble.  This one arrived at the gate at the same time as me.  Luckily he couldn’t open the catch.  Opposable thumbs, see?  That’s what sets us apart from the beasts.

Note 1: I have spent an unhealthy amount of time searching the internet for guidance on how to tell the difference between bulls, bullocks, cows and heifers.  My photograph provides no evidence that these were bulls but that’s how I remember them – and, anyway, surely it’s better to take a photo of his pretty face rather than …. you know?

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3 Responses to TGOC2018 – A photo a day – Day 4 – Curious bulls

  1. Robin says:

    Great idea for a series of Challenge posts. Cattle. They can be tricky!

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  2. louse4 says:


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  3. John Hesp says:

    “Opposable thumbs, see? That’s what sets us apart from the beasts.”
    That and titanium tipped walking poles.

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