TGOC2018 – A photo a day – Day 5 – Long shadows in Glen Mazeran

This year I’m going to write a blog post for each day of my TGO Challenge crossing and base the post on one photograph from that day.  The photo won’t necessarily be the most stunning scenery but will be something that triggers memories for me.

Day 5 – Wednesday 16th May 2018

Looking for a likely pitch in Glen Mazeran

After a hearty breakfast thanks to Janet at Ault na Goire I had a late start but had all day to cover my planned 26km.  No enforced time pressures today.

My cold was now in full flow and the first few miles were miserable despite great weather.  I had a word with myself and bucked my ideas up.

Tramping through the evil bracken between Farraline and Dunmaglass Lodge I exchanged a few words with Liz and Scott.  They were heading for Glen Mazeran but didn’t think they’d get there today.  I wondered if my plans were too ambitious.

They caught me up again at the new stone hut – with a turf covered roof – up the interminable track along Allt Mor.  It was a grim place to camp – and the hut was locked –  but they managed to find somewhere while I climbed up past the grouse butts.  It was now gone 5pm and I wanted to do another 8km before I camped.

Glen Mazeran was varied.  I’d find occasional reasonable pitches then nothing for ages.  Every time I walked past something that would have been OK I wondered if I should have stopped there.

At about 7:30pm I took this photo.  There were LOADS of places to camp down there.  There was no need to accept  a scrabbly bit of rough ground next to the track; I was sorted.  Despite having felt exhausted an hour earlier I now had the strength to keep going a little further.

Not long after 8pm I had the tent up and the coffee on.   It’d been a long day and there’d been times when I wanted to pack it all in but I’d kept going and, to me, that’s a big part of what the TGO Challenge is all about.

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11 Responses to TGOC2018 – A photo a day – Day 5 – Long shadows in Glen Mazeran

  1. rozza381 says:

    Glad you persevered Judith 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Judith says:

      Thanks. Although I was worn out by the time I camped, I was also pleased that I’d kept going. There’s a certain sense of contentment to be had when exhausted in a tent!


  2. louse4 says:

    That hut is usually open, Lindy has stayed there at least twice, including this year?


    • Judith says:

      Really? I tried the door. Maybe I should’ve pushed not pulled?

      Liked by 1 person

      • louse4 says:

        Yup. Been in there myself, if I’m thinking of the right one. First time it was a wooden shed type, second time there was this beautiful new stone built one, landscape windows, turf roof I think, woodburning stove? And a beautiful huge table with benches.
        Oh. You wouldn’t have seen that…

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  3. Sue Pow says:

    I’m enjoying your ‘photo of the day’ themed blog Judith! I was up there at the hut on the Tuesday late afternoon and it was definitely locked. I cooked in the lee of the door and then went over to Glen Mazeran to camp.


    • Judith says:

      Thanks Sue. I’m reassured to hear that you found the door locked. With other people saying they definitely found it unlocked, I was beginning to wonder if I was just too weak to open it!


  4. shirokazan says:

    Hi Judith, great reading about your exploits, particularly about days such as this where you end up camping in the wild. Looking for a bit of advice here: do you pack the inner and flysheet separately in your rucksack or still joined to each other? Thanks.


    • Judith says:

      Thanks for your comment.
      I always keep the inner joined to the outer and the whole thing goes in a stretchy pocket on the outside of my pack. The contents of the pack don’t get wet and it only takes a short time for the inside of the tent to dry when I pitch again.


      • shirokazan says:

        Thanks for the response. My pack hasn’t got an outside pocket large enough, so I will resort to putting the tent in a drybag and then inside the pack. Good to know that it dries quickly inside – I was worried that on a day of endless rain it might not dry out but I assume from your words that it still does in those conditions. Thanks again!


      • Judith says:

        When I say it dries, there’s a certain amount of fog inside on a very wet day! If the weather is now dry the tent will dry off quite quickly if you leave the door open. If the weather is still wet it’ll still be drier inside than out. Comfort is all relative.


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