TGOC2018 – A photo a day – Day 9 – Rest and be thankful

This year I’m going to write a blog post for each day of my TGO Challenge crossing and base the post on one photograph from that day.  The photo won’t necessarily be the most stunning scenery but will be something that triggers memories for me.

Day 9 – Sunday 20th May 2018

Tomnavoulin (or Tamnavulin, if you like)

As I walked the Speyside Way and Glenlivet Estate paths towards Tomnavoulin, I daydreamed about the options for rest, food and drink which awaited me.  It would be good to have a proper break there.  There was a Post Office marked on the map, so maybe there would be a shop – perhaps with a little café?  I created a mental priority list of how good Tomnavoulin’s facilities were going to be.  At the top of the expectations list was a café with pots of tea, slices of thick toast with lashings of butter, and flush toilets with hand basins with warm water and perfumed soap.  Or maybe there’s just be a small shop in the Post Office.  They’d have a hot drinks machine and I’d sit outside on the bench with a cup of tea and a sandwich.  Or, if there was no hot drinks machine, at least I could buy a bottle of lemonade.

Knowing that it was better to set my sights low to avoid disappointment, my simplest expectation was a bench on which I could sit and eat the cheese roll from my rucksack and drink the water I’d brought from Tomintoul.

Arriving at Tomnavoulin I found that the shop had now closed for good and the Post Office operates out of a converted church [left of photo].  It was closed.  There was no bench. Well, there was a bench but it was through a gate near the Post Office / Church and I wasn’t sure if it was intended for passing weary travellers or belonged to a private residence.

I plonked myself down on the grass, took off my shoes and tucked into my cheese roll.  Oh, well! It was Sunday, so maybe I was expecting too much, and at least it wasn’t raining.

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