(Virtual) TGOC 2020 – The Ends

As Covid 19 has put paid to the 2020 TGO Challenge, I am revisiting my previous crossings and celebrating what this marvellous event has brought to my life over the years. 

This post looks back at the final day and reaching the East Coast on all of my TGO Challenges.

My first TGO Challenge was in 2006 and I finished at Lunan Bay where, sandal-clad, I had a paddle.  I love seeing my map case dangling round my neck. (Newbie!)


2007 was Stonehaven.  Some Challengers tried to convince me that I must come with them to Dunnottar Castle but I was not inclined to walk any further.


2008 Inverbervie.  A pebbly beach.  After my paddle I had chips with Bob.


2009 Black Dog 

This is one of my favourite TGO Challenge photographs.  I’d taken off my rucksack while I had a paddle and savoured the moment on the beach.  I looked back and saw my whole world – for the last 2 weeks and 200-ish miles, at least – sitting on the sand.


2011 Portlethen Village.  A rugged coast with a small beach.  It’s important, at the end, for me to be able to walk into the sea.


2012 Collieston.  My certificate says Sands of Forvie but I regard my finish as Collieston.  A lovely beach, where I watched two Border Collies having a whale of a time.


2013 Auchmithie My planned finish was Meg’s Craig, chosen as the name reminded me of a dog (called Meg, not Craig; although that would be a reasonable name for a dog).  However, I couldn’t be certain exactly which feature was Meg’s Craig and I couldn’t paddle there without a treacherous climb down a cliff.  So, I went a little further North up the coast to Auchmithie.


2014 Johnshaven  I don’t remember a huge amount about Johnshaven apart from I obtained refreshments from The Anchor then realised I’d missed my bus, so went back in and re-refreshed myself.


2015 Catterline.  Sitting on a bench wondering how my planning had been so poor that I’d got there before the Creel Inn opened.


2016 Ethie Haven  My tenth crossing and I chose a finish close to where I’d reached the coast on my first crossing.  I loved how this little group of houses was set into the cliff.


2018 Peterhead.  A busy port and very unlike my other finishes but I felt quite at home and there’s a beach for a paddle.  There’s also a brewery tap.


My 2020 finish would have been Cocklem Bents but, for vetting purposes, was on my route sheet as Nether Warburton.  Hopefully I’ll get there in 2021.

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