TGOC 2012

This page contains links to my 2012 TGO Challenge trip report.  This includes a few brief reports which were posted “live” during my Crossing, and more detailed write-ups from afterwards.

My photographs are in a gallery at the bottom of the page.  If you click on a thumbnail image, you’ll see the full-size photograph and can then use the < and > on-screen buttons to view all of the pictures as a slideshow.  If you click on the permalink button you can zoom in and see more detail.

Posts from the Challenge Reports written after the Challenge
Days 0 & 1 – Home – Glenelg – Lochan Torr a’ Choit
Day 2 – A very wet Sunday with a FWA – Kinloch Hourn
TGOC12 It’s a bit wet Day 3 – Kingie to Invergarry
Day 4 – Invergarry to Allt Coire Uchdachan 
TGOC12 Day 5 – No pain, no gain Day 5 – Corrieyairack Pass to Sherrabeg
Day 6 – Glen Banchor to Newtonmore
Day 7 – Newtonmore to Red Bothy
TGOC12 – Plan B.  Miss out the hard bits! Day 8 – Red Bothy to Nethy Bridge
Day 9 – Nethy Bridge to Cock Bridge
Day 10 – Cock Bridge to Tufty Swamp via the Forest of Dead Things
TGOC12 – What a difference the sun makes! Day 11 – Tufty Swamp to My Lord’s Throat
Day 12 – My Lord’s Throat to Udny Castle
Day 13 – The End – Sands of Forvie & Collieston
TGO Challenge 2012 – A reflection


5 Responses to TGOC 2012

  1. alan.sloman says:

    Quite splendid! Thanks, Judith.


    • Judith says:

      Thanks Alan. Now I’ve made the first step towards writing up my own crossing, I’ll get round to reading everybody else’s reports. There appears to be an element of competitive blogging between you and Mr Walker!


      • Andrew says:

        Looking forward to the full write up.
        Some nice photos there.
        Some if the route I had done, but some was new to me.
        Interesting stuff.

        Me and Al?

        Yep 🙂


  2. Goddess says:

    Hi Judith, Lovely photos. Started from Glenelg the day before you and did more or less the same route up to Laggan. Looking forward to the write up. Diane.


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